New Evidence: Was Thomas Weston, Seventeenth Century London Merchant, among the First to Sail Fish to Virginia’s Starving Colonists?

This article is the first published account of both Weston’s arrival in the Virginia colony and his first successful legitimate business venture. Arlene revealed her discovery that Weston was, upon his arrival, likely among the first merchants to bring desperately needed fish to the then starving Virginia colonists, further illuminating Weston’s critical role in the founding of America.

After an invitation from editor, Dr. Sam McLean, to submit an article to Global Maritime History, this article was published February 2019.

She first learned about Thomas Weston, the early seventeenth century London merchant who arranged for the Pilgrims to sail the Mayflower, during her research for her historical non-fiction book about mariner Master Richard Williams alias Cornish.

She researched and then finished writing New Evidence: Was Thomas Weston… in two months. Based on the resulting article, she was invited by Dr. McLean to join Global Maritime History as a Staff Writer.