Current Work


  • Researching early seventeenth century, English, merchantman Master Richard Williams alias Cornish who was executed in James Cittie, Jamestown in the Virginia Colony.


  • Article Published May 2020 – A real cowboy shoot-out and the finale to John Sam Dillman of Grand Coulee Part I tells, as the real historical court records reveal, what led to Dillman being accused of murder and just what happened on the Coulee wall on April 22, 1895. ‘John Sam Dillman of Grand Coulee Part II of II‘ is a true story from the American West.
  • Article Published March 2020 – Based on Arlene’s original research into Catherine Northrup, Grand Coulee settler, she was invited by J. Kemble, author, Historian, and founder of Them Dam Writers, to write for the Grand Coulee, Washington based historians writers’ group. Her first piece, ‘John Sam Dillman of Grand Coulee Part I of II‘ is about another Grand Coulee settler, Catherine’s brother, who reportedly shot and killed a man.
  • Book pitch submitted to The Book Doctors, Arielle Eckstut, agent at large with the Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency (New York) and author; and David Henry Sterry journalist, author, and actor; for my historical non-fiction Richard Williams alias Cornish book. They reviewed and critiqued multiple written submissions from aspiring first-time authors, including myself. You can listen in to their live review of my pitch during their live Small Group Webinar held May 11, 2017 on YouTube. Arielle Eckstut and David Henry’s review of my submission begins at time stamp 18:30 in the video and ends at 24:05.
  • Completed research on late nineteenth century homesteader James Dillman, who saved his family from the Range Wars in the American West, but tragically watched each of his children lose their innocence and their freedom.
  • Completed research on American Civil War and Nez Perce War survivor and Washington State settler, Catherine Northrup, who after the turn of the century was murdered.
Dr. Sam McLean for Global Maritime History on Twitter gave Global Maritime Hisotry's female historians props.
On International Women’s Day, 2020, co-founder and Editor of Global Maritime History, Dr. Sam McLean, saluted Global Maritime History’s women Staff Writers, including Arlene (she is @pencilnubs on Twitter), in response to the University of Portsmouth’s Naval History Masters degree program pointing out the importance of the number of women researching, writing about, and teaching naval history, today.