Arlene is a first time-author seeking a publishing deal for three historical non-fiction books. Her goal is to work with an agent and a publisher as passionate as she is about the three people whose stories she has discovered in the historical record.

Richard Williams alias Cornish was a swashbuckling Master of a merchant ship who was beloved by the London maritime community, but eventually hanged in Jamestown. A year after his death, against colonial law, four sailors individually spoke out against his execution. James Dillman, a blacksmith, trapper, and sheep-man, risked his life and livelihood in the Range Wars trying to survive and keep his family intact. Catherine Northrup was a Civil War and Nez Perce War survivor who after marrying and homesteading was murdered. Histories of the ‘every person’ are rarely told, so it is important for these to be published.

No books have ever been written by others about any of her subjects.

Two of her three books are fully researched, and the third is almost complete. Arlene will next begin outlining the Richard Cornish book, to write it first. She will write the books about Catherine Northrup and James Dillman afterward.

Arlene is an exceptional talent with an aptitude for synthesizing information at a pace I have rarely seen in my career. She is highly effective and efficient. Arlene is a natural leader who garners respect from everyone with whom she comes in contact. I especially enjoyed her positive outlook, her ease, and her willingness to take on new things. She is a great colleague.”

Theresa Smith, former Owner, Volute Consulting

Arlene was easy to work with, bright and diligent during the five years she managed the bookkeeping for three corporations that I owned and operated. She oversaw project management, staff, deadlines, and the parent company’s resources very well. I’d work with her again and recommend her for her professionalism.”

Marcos Melendez, Owner, Marathon Voice Data Solutions