Arlene Spencer has researched and written historical non-fiction for over ten years: researching the lives of Richard Cornish, Catherine Northrup, and James Dillman to write historical non-fiction biographical books on each of them.

No books have ever been written about any of her subjects.

Arlene was invited to publish historical non-fiction biography articles, about others, by the Editors of two history research publications, Global Maritime History and Them Dam Writers.

Based on the piece she wrote about her Thomas Weston research for Global Maritime History, today, she is a Staff Writer for Global Maritime History.

Arlene retains the rights to all of her work.

Two of her three books are fully researched and she has nearly completed research on the third.

Her three works in progress, three books in pre-proposal, detail the lives of:

Richard Williams alias Cornish, Master of a merchant ship, beloved by the London maritime community, was hanged in Jamestown for the then crime of sodomy. In the years following his death, against colonial law, at great risk to themselves, independently, individual sailors made their outrage at his death known. Of what we know today, his was the first execution for sodomy.

Blacksmith, trapper, and sheep-man, James Dillman, fought to keep his family intact during the Range Wars but it was violence that, though they survived, settled in one of them.

Catherine Northrup, Civil War survivor, came west but then had to survive the Nez Perce Wars, among the few who did. Years, later, horrifically, after finally homesteading with a new husband, she was brutally murdered.